About Us

Hi, this is Serena.

How’s your day going? It may be as excellent as mine. I am a sewing enthusiast and a writer. Writing and sharing my knowledge with people who also love the same thing is one of my favorite things. 

I operate a team in my business. My team works to provide and ensure the latest information about sewing products and market updates. 

Let’s talk about the sewing industry. 

This industry!!! It’s unbelievable. Changing and upgrading very fast and making the sewing industry very prominent. Look at the dressmaking and fashion industry. What we never thought was happening now. Thousands of fabrics, styles, and fashion items are coming out to the market based on the sewing industry. 

It took a lot of time to change and upgrade the industry. All machines are now computerized and provide us an excellent opportunity to experience the features of automation. 

What’s “best of sewing’ doing’? 

Best of sewing working to help people who are also interested in sewing and doing work on it. We are very open to beginners and also experts. Here my team allows me to collect information and rearrange all these things for you; simultaneously, we analyze products related to sewing. Different types of machines, tools, and also fabrics. 

If you visit our articles, you will feel very privileged about our quality of information. 

We are now working for fashion designer students and industry to collaborate the learning and development simultaneously. 

How are we adding value?

It’s essential to get the information about your job correctly and efficiently. We start with the vision to make it easy to choose and find the perfect thing in sewing for you if you search for machines, tools, kits, and others for sewing; here are our writings for you.

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