Best Electric Rotary Fabric Cutter – Reviews, Pros & Cons

If you are a dressmaker or tailor, you may have trouble with your hands from using scissors and knives cutters for fabric. An electric rotary cutter is the best option to get the job done quickly, safely, and efficiently. 

It saves time by eliminating hand fatigue because it’s operated with an electric motor instead of manual force, ensuring that cuts are straight every time thanks to its circular blade and being able to cut through thick fabrics without getting stuck on seams or zippers as a knife would.

Picking out the best electric rotary fabric cutter is not an easy task. There are many factors to consider, and it can be difficult to know which one will work for you.

But, We have researched this subject and came up with some easy steps to follow to find out the Best electric rotary fabric cutter. 

We hope that this article will help make your decision easier, and The Best Electric Rotary Fabric Cutter will help save your fingers so you can continue sewing!

Different Types of Fabric cutter

Fabric cutters are one of the most important sewing supplies that a tailor, dressmaker, or any crafter needs in their arsenal. Not only do they help to save time when cutting fabric, but they also make sure your fabric is properly aligned and straight for an accurate cut. 

There are many types of fabric cutters on the market, with each type having its pros and cons. Let’s discuss the variant of the cutter and how they work to find which one is best suited for you. 

Manual fabric Cutter

A manual fabric cutter is a tool used to cut the fabric into pieces. It’s made up of two parts: the blade and the handle. Blades come in various shapes, sizes, and materials. The most common blade type for cutting fabrics is metal blades.

These blades can be sharpened with a grinder or honed with oil stones. They need to be replaced often because they will wear out quickly over time due to their use on hard surfaces like cotton or denim fabric.

The most used manual fabric cutter is sewing scissors. We have a detailed research article on our own. You may read this for a better understanding. Best Sewing Scissors For Cutting Fabric

Semi-Automatic fabric cutter 

A Semi-Automatic fabric cutter is a tool that can be used to cut your fabrics with one blade, and it’s perfect for cutting bulkier materials. The best part about this tool is that it can make straight cuts which help save time and money! 

There are different semi-automatic fabric cutters like a straight knife, bend knife and round knife fabric cutter. 

Full computerized fabric cutter

A full computerized fabric cutter is perfect for any sewing enthusiast who wants to have an easy time cutting out their pattern pieces.

With a machine like this, you’ll be able to cut through your project with no hassle, and in the fraction of the time it would take when using a manual rotary cutter.  

The best part about these machines is that they are so easy to use all you need to do is feed in your fabric and press go! It’s as simple as that. 

If you’re tired of having sore hands after hours spent on cutting patterns or if you’d just rather spend more time sewing than doing tedious tasks, then check out our list of some great options for a computerized fabric cutter!

Benefits of Electric rotary Fabric Cutter 

A rotary blade is a cutting tool used with fabric, and it has been around since the 1920s. It was first invented for use in textile factories to cut the fabric into smaller pieces faster than a human could do by hand.

Time Efficient

Electric rotary Fabric Cutter is a machine that can help you create professional-looking clothing like dresses and skirts much more quickly than traditional scissors or shears. 

It will save you lots of time when working on quilts, clothing, curtains – anything made out of fabric!

Safe and secure

With an electric rotary cutter, you can cut through multiple layers of fabric in one single pass with the blade spinning at high speeds. The blades are also replaceable so that they don’t get dull over time, making them much safer than scissors or other shears. 

Plus, there’s no need to worry about your fingers getting too close to the sharp blade because it has a guard on it! 

Perfect production ability 

A rotary cutter is a very handy tool for cutting fabric. It’s used by professionals and amateurs alike to make sewing easier, faster, and more accurate. 

Its Ergonomic design and the cutting process can cut fabric in straight lines, round shapes, or any shape that you will fix to do no worry of damaging the fabric.  


Electric rotaries come at many different sizes, shapes, colors, and prices, but if you’re just starting, it’s best to start small with one that will be most useful for your needs at an affordable price point. 

They range from $25-$150 depending on what features the cutter offers, such as extra blades or even automatic blade changes, which make them.

How to choose the best electric rotary fabric cutter

Type of the machine 

There are two types of this type of cutter- straight and circular. The blade of a circular cutter moves around in an arc, while the blade on a straight cutter only moves up and down. 

A rotary fabric cutter can be adjusted to different widths depending on your need to cut. Choose your type before you buy one from the market. 

Power Capacity

Electric Rotary cutters come at different speeds depending on how fast they can rotate around their axis. Some models have electric motors powered by electricity from a wall socket, while others are battery-powered. So check the details specification of the product and how powerful the motor is.  

Simple user experience

When you buy a fabric cutter, it’s obviously for making the best use of your time and increasing the quality of your products. Different  Electric rotary fabric cutters have different user interfaces for easy use. 

So try to choose the one that’s the interface that is easy to use. Here we will suggest some fabric cutters that are very easy to use. 

Type of the Blade 

There are three different types: right-handed, left-handed, and universal.  Right-handed blades cut from right to left for sewing machines; left-handed blades cut from left to right; either side can use universal blades.

Cutting ability 

An electric rotary fabric cutter is a cutting tool that has a powerful motor and blades mounted in an adjustable circular housing. The blade can be rotated to cut through different thicknesses and other fabric materials with the same ease. 

It is one of the best tools for sewing because it cuts so quickly, and you don’t need to change your blade as often as with traditional scissors or shears.

Features technology 

The typical electric rotary fabric cutter features an adjustable blade that can be set at different distances from the cutting surface, which ensures a precise cut with minimal effort on your part. 

In addition to these incredible features, this handy device also includes wheels for easy transport. This type of cutter has an LCD monitor to select the speed, cutting angle, built-in blade sharpener, etc. It also has some features like a mini torch, finger guard, line alerts, and so on. 


Electric rotary fabric cutters are sometimes not as versatile as we need. One machine needs to do many jobs like different blades using ability, fabric thickness setting ability.  so choose a machine that can 

Top Best Electric Rotary Fabric cutter In Market

1. Hercules HRK-100 5-Speed Electric Rotary Cutters

Hercules AS100-K Electric Rotary Fabric Cutter

Technical Details

  • Brand- ‎Hercules
  • Model Number- ‎AS100-K
  • Product Weight- ‎2.5 pounds
  • Product Dimensions ‎4.4 x 2.6 x 12.4 inches
  • Batteries Required- ‎No
  • Power and Performance 

With its powerful AC motor, the AS100-K cuts like a pro. The AS100-K can cut through material up to 1/4 inches. The front knife-guard adjusts to ensure operator safety. 

To ensure a smooth and precise cutting experience, the lightweight aluminum footplate is extra thin. The AS100K is a powerful, lightweight rotary shear that allows you to cut fabric precision and ease. 

It can be used to cut narrow curves and sharp corners. 


The Hercules AS100K’s EZ-glide cutting feet allow the lightweight cutter to be safely and easily maneuvered on any surface.

Carbide blades are fast and accurate, easy to change, and long-lasting. This blade is designed to prevent material from “pull in.” The base plate can be removed to allow for “off-the-table” operation. 

The quiet operation of the shielded ball bearings requires no maintenance or lubrication.

Special features

Sharp blades make cutting fabric easy. The AS100K includes a built-in sharpening tool that will ensure the blade’s longevity and performance. You can start the cutter by simply pressing the button a few times and being ready to cut.

A small blade offers the advantages of better maneuverability and being able to cut tight radius corners. The AS100-K can be used to cut single or multiple plies up to 1/4 inch thick. When shears are not in your hand, they stop automatically. 

  • The motor is double-insulated, so it won’t heat up with continuous use
  • Very lightweight and easy to handle. 
  • Includes a 10-foot power cord and a popular six-sided cutting knife.
  • This machine has no cons in our testing. 

2. RoMech RM 031 Mini Electric Cloth Cutter

RoMech Mini Electric Cloth Cutter Machine

Technical Details

  • Brand- RoMech 
  • Model Number- RM 031
  • Product Dimensions- 13.5 x 9.8 x 5.9 inches
  • Product Weight- 3.14 pounds
  • Batteries Required- ‎No
  • Power and performance

The cutting process can be completed in seconds with a pure copper motor. Fabric will not jam with the octagonal blade, carbide-tipped lower blade, and spring-loaded upper blade. 

RoMech’s powerful electric rotary cutter can trim fabric up to 0.5 inches thick. This powerful motor can handle a bunch of fabric layers. 


This cloth-cutting machine has an automatic sharpener which ensures a razor-sharp edge. This machine is ideal for industrial and commercial use. 

It can cut cloth, silk, synthetic fibers, and leather. Blade protector protects against cutting and prevents you from wasting time. The height can be adjusted.

Special features

This machine has a 3-inch, octagonal blade that can be used to cut 0.50 inches. This versatile machine is well-suited to work with medium and light fabrics, such as loosely knitted or woven fabrics. 

We were impressed by the machine’s build quality, components, and performance. It also has a good cutting capacity.

  • Nice build quality and components. 
  • Handy and good for beginners
  • It has a very powerful motor. 
  • Only for medium- and lightweight fabrics

3. Hercules HRK-100 & RK-BAT-100 5-Speed Electric Rotary Cutters for Cloth

Hercules HRK-100 Electric Rotary Cutters

Technical Details

  • Brand- ‎Hercules
  • Model Number- ‎HRK-100-RED
  • Product Weight- ‎3.57 pounds
  • Product Dimensions- 10 x 4 x 5.5 inches
  • Batteries Required- ‎No
  • Power and performance
  • The 110-volt brushless 3-Speed servo motor is extremely powerful and can be adjusted to 5 speeds. 

This gives you the speed and torque required to cut any fabric. The 4″ octagonal blade is better for cutting a variety of fabrics, including cotton, denim, and synthetics, and leather and plastics. 

It is octagonal, so it won’t pull the fabric in. It gives you better operational control.


The 5-Speed Electric Rotary Fabric Cutter Hercules HRK100 can cut a single layer even of the most delicate fabrics. It can also cut a 1″ thick pile with layered denim, vinyl, and leather. 

You can also use this machine for cutting fabric, cloth, carpet, leather, denim, synthetic fabrics, natural fabrics, and many more. 

Special features

Sharp blades make cutting fabric easy. The HRK-100’s sharpening stones are built in to ensure maximum performance and longevity from your Hercules blade. 

You can activate the cutter by pressing the button several times. Then you are ready to cut. It is essential for you to see your guidelines to follow them accurately. 

The Hercules HRK-100’s LED light illuminates your cutting path and ensures you never miss a cut. Its octagonal and carbide-tipped blades and spring-loaded lower blade prevent the fabric from getting jammed.

 It also has a thin base plate and lightweight die-cast design, making it easy to maneuver and use.

  • Easy to operate and maintenance 
  • Best build quality and features in this price range. 
  • Suitable for all types of users. 
  • This machine is so perfect that it has no cons. 

4. Handheld 45mm rotary fabric cutter 

Rotary Cutter with 5pcs Extra Blades

Technical Details

  • Brand- Headley Tools
  • Model Number- Handheld 45mm
  • Product Weight- ‎5.7 ounces
  • Product Dimensions- 8.27 x 4.37 x 1.26 inches
  • Power Source- ‎Ac/dc
  • Batteries Required- ‎No
  • Power and performance 

The rotary blade is made of high-quality SKS7 stainless, which is extremely sharp and durable and will save you time. It is ideal for cutting multiple layers of fabric and paper, felt, vinyl, and more! 

It cuts quickly and efficiently without leaving any threads or loose edges. It cuts quickly and cleanly, so there are no strings left behind. For your comfort, the handle is ergonomically designed with soft grips. Anti-Slide and to Reduce Joint Fatigue. 

You can install the blades on either side of the rotary cutter. This is great for both left and right-handed users. This rotary fabric cutter can be used with pink or wavy blades.


This rotary cutter makes cutting much easier and faster. The 45mm rotary cutting blade is ideal for sewing, quilting, scrapbooks, cutting, and fabric cutting. It is also suitable for seamstresses, tailors, arts, crafts, and many other tasks. 

The 45mm rotary cutter can cut all types of fabric, paper, leather, and scrapbooking. It also works well for quilting, scrapbooking, and other arts and crafts. 

This rotary cutter is much more reliable than a pair of scissors and saves you time. It’s ideal for quilting, sewing, scrapping, card making, and other DIY projects.

Special Features 

The safety button locks the blade of this handy roller cutter. The safety lock button will disable the trigger handle. Even a child can use it under supervision. When the trigger handle is depressed, the blade folds down neatly and securely. 

These blades can be used for many years and stored in a box with 1pcs 45mm Rotary Cutter + 1pcs Rotating Blade. It is easy to replace and use the blades.

  • Very handy, easy to use at a low price. 
  • For both right-handed and left-handed users. 
  • No power is needed. 
  • Not for heavy use. 

5. CGOLDENWALL ‎HRK-100-RED Electric Rotary Fabric Cutter

cgoldenwall rotary fabric cutter

Technical Details

  • Model Number- ‎HRK-100-RED
  • Product Weight- ‎3.89 pounds
  • Product Dimensions- 13.89 x 6.57 x 5.28 inches
  • Batteries Required- ‎No
  • Power Source- ‎Ac/dc
  • Batteries Require- ‎No
  • Power and performance 

High-Speed Blade, The cutting thickness of this high-speed blade is 1.25inches. It has a 2.76-inch octagonal blade at 2400 RPM speed coming from a powerful copper motor. 

The cutting process is fast, easy, and without any mess. This cloth cutter can perform straight and curve cutting using auxiliary tools like a ruler or tailor’s chalk. 

These Industrial Grade Scissors can be used to cut multi-Layer fabrics, silk, synthetic fiber, leather, and other materials making them ideal for industrial and commercial use. 


One-click start makes it easier. You can cut by simply pressing the button. When you release the button, the fabric cutter stops automatically. It has two air vents that allow for better ventilation. 

To make the operator safer and more reliable, it comes with a front knife-guard. Simply adjust the thickness of the material you are cutting by sliding the knife guard upward or downward.

Special Features

This machine has some best special features that make it so easy and safer than it works for the user. 

  • Adjustable front knife-guard for user safety. 
  • It is a built-in sharpening stone with a push button. 
  • Easy push start button design. 
  • Build-in air ventilation. 
  • Built-in features are very useful. 
  • It has a powerful copper motor.
  • Easy and useful user interface.  
  • A bit heavy for beginner use. 
  • Mostly industrial use. 

6. RoMech RM-027 Large Electric Cloth Cutter

RoMech RM-027 Large Electric Cloth Cutter

Technical Details

  • Brand- RoMech
  • Model Number-RM- O27
  • Product Weight- ‎7.45 pounds
  • Product Dimensions- 13.5 x 9.8 x 5.9 inches
  • Batteries Required- ‎No
  • Power Source- ‎Ac/dc
  • Batteries Required- ‎No
  • Power and performance
  • RoMech RM027 Large Electric Cloth Cutter is powered by a 250-watt motor. 

It features an octagonal 4-inch blade, carbide-tipped, and a spring-loaded lower to prevent fabric jamming. ROMECH’s powerful electric rotary cutter can trim up to 15 layers. It can cut through 1.5 inches of thickness which is deep. 


It is suitable for industrial and commercial use. It can cut silk, cotton, synthetic fiber, leather, and other fabrics. This product is not suggested for the beginner. 

It’s a very powerful machine to handle as a beginner. Mostly you are a commercial dressmaker; then you need this kind of fabric cutter for cutting Multi-Layer Fabric.. 

Special features 

The automatic sharpener ensures a razor-sharp edge every time you cut this cloth cutting machine. It has a blade-changing feature that makes it easy to change the cutting edge. RoMech RM027 comes with a great safety kit for your fingers and is easily portable. 

  • Very powerful machine, Which can cut any type of fabric. 
  • It has many features that are very useful and worthwhile. 
  • A bit heavy for a beginner user. 

Final blender: Best Electric Rotary Fabric Cutter

When you are a beginner, you may not feel the power and efficiency of an electric rotary fabric cutter. But when you work in a vast commercial range, you will know the benefits of a fabric cutter. Here we try to include all types of electric cutters as your skills and needs. 

We try to elaborate and define all things for a product you need to know about. Check out other articles to make your sewing and dressmaking job more easy and creative. 

So, what do you want to know about? Best Threads for Sewing Machine or Best Sewing Machine For Fashion Design Student

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