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Are you having a hard time deciding what fabric to use for your punch needle projects? Do you want the best deal, or are you looking for best fabric for punch needle that is durable and long lasting? 

Punch needle is a craft method used by tailors, dressmakers, crafters and quilters who work with heavy weight fabrics like wool, blankets or denim jeans. 

Punch needle creates small “puckered” holes in the fabric which can be stitched together to create embroidery patterns without any need for an embroidery hoop.

It’s a great way to add unique details to clothing pieces as well as decorative items such as pillows and place mats. Using punch needles you can learn to do very nice designs on fabrics. For that you need the specific fabrics which are perfect for your required design.

Here in this writing we will discuss the best fabric for a punch needle, what to know about the fabrics, how to select them and where to buy them all together. Let’s get into it. 

How to select the best Fabric for punch needle 

Punch needle is an old art form that’s been practiced for centuries. There are many different types of fabric you can use to punch the needle through, but not all fabrics will work with every type of punch needle. 

For example, if you’re using a chain stitch or open weave fabric to make your project, it may be difficult to push the needle through and achieve a tight stitch because these fabrics have more space between threads in the weave. You might find better results by using less open weaves like satin or silk. 

On the other hand, if you want to use thicker materials such as leather or vinyl on your project then wool felt is probably a better choice because it has tighter spaces between threads in its weave which will let you get stitches

So it basically depends on your design requirement that what foundation fabrics you will use

Different types of foundation Febrics. 

Weaver cloth 

Weaver cloth is a cotton fabric that has been woven with an extra lengthwise thread. This thread creates the raised, textured surface and gives weaver cloth its unique appearance. 

Weaver cloth is used in making tailored suits because of how it holds its shape when pressed and will not wrinkle as easily as other fabrics. The best part about this material is that it doesn’t require ironing! 

A win-win for any busy tailor or a leisure time punch needle designer who takes a long time to complete the design. Weaver Cloth also comes in many different colors so you can mix and match according to your design sense. 

Cotton Denim 

Cotton denim is a fabric that has been used for centuries and continues to be popular today. It was originally made using cotton grown in the United States, but now it can also be manufactured using cotton from other countries like India or China. 

It’s most often used to make jeans and blue jeans, but it can also be found in shirts, skirts, jackets, coats and even underwear! 

This fabrics is also very good for your punch needles kob as iits based on in the cotton and it has a good amount of thread per inch which is good for the punch needle artwork 

Linen/ Primitive linen

Linen is a natural, breathable fabric that is lightweight and comfortable. Primitive linen, also called Irish linen, was woven for centuries in Ireland to make clothing and other fabrics.

 It has become popular again as people are rediscovering the benefits of natural fibers. In this blog post I will share some best linen fabric sources for your punch needle artwork. 

Rug Warp

The rug warp is a material that is used to create the foundation of the rug. It can be hand-woven or machine woven and comes in various sizes, colors, and textures.  The way it’s created for hand weaving is by taking a weft thread (or yarn) and looping around a series of vertical threads called poles or beams. 

These loops are then interleaved with one another to form two layers: an upper layer made up of strands running horizontally from left to right, and a lower layer consisting of strands running vertically from top to bottom. 

Machine-made warps are often made on metal looms using synthetic fibers such as polyester or nylon; these types may also include metallic fibres like steel wire for addition. This fabric is really very useful for heavy punch needle jobs. 

Best fabric for punch needle in market

Caydo 6 Pieces 6 Colors embroidery Fabrics

Caydo 6 Pieces 6 Colors embroidery Fabrics

This product is a linen based punch needle foundation fabric. Which is really very suitable for garments crafts, upholstery flower pot decoration, handbag, embroidery, and other garments craft. 

It comes with 6 Pieces which may be enough for your different needs. Colors: White, beige, sky blue, pink, navy, black. Size of sheets (approx)- 19.6 inch x 19.6 inch / (50 cm x 50 cm). It is washable and resistant;

This Caydo 6 Pieces 6 Colors embroidery Fabrics will be a good beginner choice in its best price value under 10$. You can start your craft and needle design journey from this packet of fabric. 

LOVOUS 100% Nature Linen Needlework Fabric

lovous 100% nature linen needlework fabric

Look at this lovous 1000% natural linen fabric which is a born needle job. Comes with a solid color, which has deeper variant and a pattern of design which is very satisfying for making a design. Size of sheets- 20 inch width by 62 inch long. Color 1 a plain solid and color 2 is a bit deeper solid. 

This fabric is also a gem in needle design, embroidery, crafting and so on but you have to be careful that this fabric is not a rug punch fabric. 

It’s good for a bit lighter thread in design as cross stitch projects. You can make this kind of design with the febrics we shared with you in the image below. Practice with Embroidery floss for better outcome and quality design. 

Pllieay Punch Needle Fabric

pllieay monk cloth

Monk Cloth is a best choice for punch needle design. It’s always a good choice because of it all in one type quality. It’s very soft and comfortable and very sustainable. It lasts a long time in daily uses like pillow cover, table mate, wall carpeting or as a chair cover. 

You can try any Punch Needle, Rug-Punch, Machine Embroidery with this Pllieay Monk Cloth. This type of monk fabric offers you to draw straight line over its grid lines. Comes with 100% Cotton.Size of sheets- About 26.4 x 19.3 inch. 

Under 10$ you will get a piece of sheet of this monk cloth and under 15$ you will get two of them. And there also a combo package of punch needle threads with this which is also great with free shipping in amazon. 

Wool Queen Punch Needle Fabric for Rug-Punch

wool queen punch needle fabric for rug punch

Do you want a rug fabric for your needle for embroidery design? 

Then this is for you. This fabric is as tough as you need to punch here with a thick thread like a roof. If you do wool embroidery design then this fabric is for that. It can handle a needle rug hooking easily. 

Comes with 100% cotton and made from 230g/m² high-quality fabric, which can offer the best experience. Size of sheets- 2 yard x 4 yard (1.80m x 3.8m)

This fabric is so smooth and soft. I personally like this fabric very much for its rug type which can serve the best of wool design.

Final blender: Best Fabric For Punch Needle

If you are a beginner then you may get confused about all those thing. But nope. I can make you clear that if you start your punch needle design then start with the Pllieay Monk Cloth, because it’s really very good fabric that can help you from a thin to thick fabric design. You can niddle it and again you can reuse it. At the same time it offers you a full combo for starting as an affordable option. 

If this writing makes you a bit knowledgeable then you can also read out Tools & Materials.

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