10 Best Industrial Sewing Machines in 2021 for Heavy Sewing Projects

There is a vast area in sewing machines in the sewing industry. Different types of machines with quality and features in the market. Many people search for domestic machines.

As You are searching for an industrial sewing machine that means you are a master of sewing projects or you want to establish a sewing business in a bigger portion. 

Here We have gathered the 10 best industrial sewing machines that are focused on providing you with the best performance and the best experience to build your professional sewing career. 

We will discuss how we select those machines and how you will select your type of machine from the list. 

So, no matter your preference, you’ll find the right choice reviewed below. Let’s get into it. 

Basic thing of an industrial sewing machine. 


When we are talking about industrial sewing machines it’s the main thing that how the machine works and how potential it is. An industrial sewing machine works based on an electric motor and it sews the fabric.

Its motor needs to generate a good amount of power with a long duty time. There are different types of motor. Basically, industrial sewing machines are powered by AC motors that could generate and work for a long time without any hassle and bustle

Key features 

Nowadays if machines have no features then it’s not suitable for industrial jobs. We need features to make our hard job easy and smooth. Industrial machines are also becoming more and more smart day by day. 

Now machines come with so many features like stitch control, sewing timer, pattern readable, automatic thread cutter, safety guard, sewing light for better sewing and so on. 

We will get to see so many other features that present machines offer in our product analysis part of this article.


When you are working with a powerful machine it comes first the control part how to operate. No worries. Today’s Industrial machines are very easy to operate. Most of the machines are very easy to operate with their built-in switches and LED screens on them. 

Controlling the motor rotation speed, stitch counts per minute, stitch gaps and the thread sizes selection also allow some of the machines. Some sewing and quilting machines also offer table extension, foot paddles control. 

How do we choose these machines for you? 

We have a vast experience in this industry for a long time. We use these machines, analyze data and take reviews from the users of these industrial machines. Here we also categorize 5 machines based on the user experience on a timeline. 

You are going to know all about the machine and also the best of some areas like best for beginners, best for heavy-duty machines, best in budget segments, best all-rounder etc.

Our Recommendations: Best Industrial Sewing Machine

Reviews of Best Industrial Sewing Machine

1. Juki DDL-8700-H Industrial Straight Stitch

juki ddl-8700-h industrial straight stitch

Juki is one of the most renowned industrial sewing machine brands all across the industry. Their quality and user-centric build make them stand out among all the other competitors, and the DDL-8700-H isn’t any different from that. 

It is hailed as the best overall industrial sewing machine out there. And that’s because it can handle tasks from small to mid to large size projects without making you worry about getting a lousy stitch on your product.

This is 8700-H, which means the heavy model, and thus it doesn’t come with the walking foot mechanism, therefore stating that it’s not suited for super-rich material stitching instead is the proper choice for mid to heavy fabrics stitching.

Even with the bulk build of 8700-H, the sewing speed is higher than an average sewing machine, while the motor provides less vibration and stays quiet during the work process. 

The servo motor also provides control over the motor’s speed. What’s more, is that you can easily add a speed reducer for more precise control during your sewing sessions.


  • At max, the sewing speed is 5500 SPM (stitches per minute)
  • Straight and reverse stitch options available
  • 5mm stitch length 
  • Silent servo motor for quiet sounds and low vibrations


  • Suitable for every type of material
  • Speed control availability
  • Automatic lubrication
  • Strong, durable build
  • It comes with a 5-year warranty


  • It doesn’t come with a walking foot mechanism
  • Weight is heavier than most. 

2. JUKI DDL-5550 Industrial Straight Stitch (ASIN: B005I5DS6U)

juki ddl-5550 industrial straight stitch

What the DDL-8700-H lacks, the Juki DDL-5550 provides. To work with heavier materials with ease and perfection, JUKI came up with DDL-5550. It comes with all the JUKI franchise goods with an extra focus on serious works this time.

For working on heavier tasks, you need a heavier machine that offers durability. Also, the machine has to be built with strong and sturdy materials that will ensure better performance.

The DDL-5550 is such an out-n-out industrial sewing machine with a straight one-way needle feature where the needle length is 4mm, but the stitch length is 5mm.

As this machine is created to work on heavy layered leather or materials, the presser foot can be lifted higher than other sewing machines out there.

It comes with JUKI’s trademark servo motor that provides quite a noise free workflow and maximum sewing speed 5500 stitches per minute, making the sewing machine an absolute beast to take heavy loads of work on a single go. 

The fabric sensor and the knee guard ensure physical safety and comfort for the user, and the auto lubrication helps keep the machine on top form, to say the least. So, if you want a heavy workhorse of an industrial sewing machine, then the DDL-5550 is the perfect choice for you.

But keep in mind that it doesn’t provide the same support to lighter clothes or materials out there.


  • Best for working with heavy materials 
  • Extra lift on pressure foot to use high-density materials
  • 5500 SPM due to the servo motor
  • Dulls motor noise and vibration


  • Stitch speed is higher than most
  • Comes with self-oiling feature
  • Contains fabric edge sensor and finger guard
  • Foot pressure is adjustable


  • It isn’t built for light-weighted materials
  • Takes a good amount of space and heavy weight. 

3. Consew 206RB-5 industrial Sewing machine 

Consew 206RB 5 industrial Sewing machine

Consew is one of the commonly known sewing brands out there. They have been part of many sewing enthusiasts and professionals for decades, and Consew 206RB-5 upholds that reputation to the max.

The 206RB-5 industrial sewing machine was built considering one thing in mind, it must be able to work with any type of material. Whether it is light or heavy, you can use 206RB-5 to stitch through it.

This single needled long stitch sewing machine is best for heavy workload as it can perform consistently without needing to lubricate it as it comes with an auto lubrication system.

It has a walking feet feature, therefore, it is excellent for projects with a heavy material touch. Along with having a walking foot, a compound feed dog ensures balanced feeding of the materials in general.

If you are looking for an all-purpose industrial sewing machine, then the Conser 206RB-5 should be the right pick for you. It is an outstanding machine for sewing.


  • Pressure foot lift up to 14 mm
  • Walking foot support with compound feed
  • Centralized auto lubrication system
  • Max speed 3300 SPM
  • Single needled


  • Can handle any type of materials from light to heavy weighted
  • Long stitch size, approximately 10mm
  • Option to raise or lower the centre foot regarding the thickness of the material
  • Power saving motor with replaceable options


  • Motor speed is average than the most top performers.
  • Not a great choice if you want to focus on upholstery or a similar type of material to work with.

4. Juki DDL-8100 Economy Straight Stitch 

juki ddl-8100 economy straight stitch

The JUKI DDL-8100 Economy industrial sewing machine is the budget variant of the JUKI sewing machine lineups. This machine doesn’t compromise in performance and features compared to the top-tiered ones in the market.

The DDL-8100 Economy comes with a servo motor for good performance and the silent feel that JUKI is renowned for. The sturdy build and the rigidity of the machine ensure that it is built to last.

It is best suited to work with light to medium weighted materials. It can do different types of stitch. Unless you are forced to, you shouldn’t plan on going with heavy material with the DDL-8100 Economy even though it supports a much higher lift compared to other competition in this price range.

Therefore, if you are on a budget but still want the best experience when sewing, then without a doubt, JUKI DDL-8100 Economy will be an excellent choice for you. 


  • 5 mm stitch length
  • Pressure lifts with 13 mm expendable height
  • 4500 SPM at max speed
  • Single needled 


  • Suitable for light and mid weighted materials
  • Quiet, low vibrating motor for best environment experience
  • Auto lubrication system
  • Affordable price point
  • It comes with two different foot lift 


  • Bad performance with heavy materials
  • It doesn’t come with any spare parts 

5. Janome HD1000 Black Edition Sewing Machine

Janome HD1000 Black Edition Sewing Machine

The Janome is a renowned brand in the sewing market, primarily famous for its entry-level HD1000 white edition. The black edition also performs the same as its predecessor with a more elegant design to make it more desirable.

If you want an industrial sewing machine that you can abuse using in daily sessions and work it to the bone, then the HD1000 is the sewing machine you’ve been looking for. 

It comes with an extra high lift pressure foot and a 3-piece type feed system with a front-load bobbin. It has 14 built-in stitches with a 4-step buttonhole which can be a problem for beginners as 1 step buttonhole is more convenient to work with.

The heavyweight materials it is built with makes the machine sturdy and long-lasting. Durability is an issue that you can just snap out of your mind if you go with the HD1000.

It supports snap pressure hooks confirming that it is best suited for light and medium-weighted materials, but you can use it for heavy materials too as it can handle difficult tasks, but it’s not recommended. 


  • Front-loading bobbin
  • Aluminium body with black design 
  • Built-in needle threaders 
  • 14 built-in stitches 
  • 4-step buttonholes 


  • Suitable for light-weighted and mid-ranged materials 
  • Snap pressure hooks 
  • Maximum speed 840 SPM
  • 5mm stitch length 
  • Strong, sturdy build quality
  • 25 years of warranty


  • Drop-in bobbins would help for work and comfort instead of a front-load bobbin. 
  • Quite heavy, not suited for mobility. 

6. BEAMNOVA Leather Cobbler Sewing Machine

beamnova leather cobbler sewing machine

One of the best sewing machines out in the market, the BEAMNOVA leather cobbler, can be the right pick for you if you want an industrial sewing machine that is light, yet durable and offers the best mobility features out there.

With the compact and lightweight design, this sewing machine comes with a tripod to stand in, giving you more working options and angles than a standard tabled sewing machine.

The iron body is spray-coated to prevent dust and rust from affecting the device, thus making it more mobile and lightweight. But, being lightweight doesn’t mean that this machine is less durable than other machines out there.

The tripod defines that you don’t need a standard table to work with and will also have 360-degree angels when you are working, making your stitching process more accessible and more precise than other options.

It is also the best option for DIY projects because it comes with additional tools like ten no. 18 needles and nylon coils which are an excellent addition for first-time users.

If you want a fast and mobile sewing machine, then BEAMNOVA leather cobbler is for you but keep in mind that it is best suited for leathers only, so you will be sacrificing diversity. But if you want to focus on only one type, then this is the perfect choice for you.


  • Best for light-weighted materials but also support heavy and medium weights
  • Best for leather works
  • Made of high quality cast iron
  • Beginner-friendly design


  • Compact and portable
  • It comes with a tripod, so no need for a table 
  • 360-degree angle support
  • Sturdy and durable 
  • Best for DIY projects


  • Screws are rigid and stiff
  • Doesn’t cover with any warranty
  • Requires manual lubrication process 

7. Rex Industrial Sewing Machine

Rex Industrial Sewing Machine

Rex is one of the oldest brands in the sewing market and has provided many top of the class industrial sewing machines throughout the decades, and this one doesn’t shatter that expectation. 

Coming with a servo motor, this machine is capable of smooth and almost soundless interactions with an average SPM. Even though you might not be satisfied with the stitching speed, you can always go for a powerful motor afterwards.

The build is solid and robust, providing both durability and bulk to your work. It is best suited to handle medium-weighted materials. It also comes with speed control features that are definitely helpful for users who want to diversify their work.

The needle is single straight but unfortunately doesn’t support a walking foot mechanism, but at this lower price point, that is understandable. It’s easy to use features make it beginner-friendly and one of the most desirable industrial sewing machines out there.

If you want the best industrial sewing machine at a lower price point and don’t have that much requirement for speed, then you should go for this model of Rex sewing machine as it is the best value for money option out there. 


  • Max speed 3500 SPM
  • 5 mm stitch length 
  • Pressure foot lifts up to 8-10mm 
  • Servo motor supports low vibration and noise suppression to give a quiet environment 


  • Best for mid weighted materials in general
  • Easy installation 
  • Good solid foundation and structure 
  • Speed control features
  • Affordable price range


  • A bit heavier than most sewing machines
  • Speed per minute is debatable
  • plastic switches 

8. Reliable Barracuda 200ZW Zig-Zag Sewing Machine

reliable barracuda 200zw zig-zag sewing machine

Reliable Barracuda 200ZW is the best of the best when you look for mobility and performance. This industrial sewing machine is the perfect choice for users who looks for on the go sewing machines.

The Barracuda 200ZW is suitable for medium to heavy materials as it has a great straight needle feature and good pressure foot lift to provide the best experience while working on a heavy material project. It covers four stitches per inch and leaves no room for error during the process.

The stitching rate is slower than many other sewing machines, but Reliable compensates for that with their portability and mobility.

The Barracuda 200ZW comes with an array of features that makes it one of the best. One of the most exciting prospects of these features is the heavy-duty carrying handle that makes this device one of the best portable sewing machines out there.

Along with that, it has a built-in speed controller, so you don’t have to look for a different speed reducer for your machine. It also comes with a reverse lever mechanism so that you can reinforce the device just by pulling down a lever.

Last but not least, the Barracuda 200ZW boasts eight layers of SUNBRELLA Plus, stating that this device can work up to 8 layers of sewing and stitching with precision and perfection. Having the pressure foot lift a major game changer against other competitors.


  • Pressure foot lift is around 12 mm
  • Stitch length 6 mm
  • Can do 4 stitches per inch
  • Max speed 800 SPM


  • Best for medium to heavy material projects
  • Built-in speed reducing system 
  • It also includes zipper feet 
  • Portable sewing machine 
  • Full metal build 


  • Low SPM rate 
  • No automated lubrication system

9. Brother PQ1500SL Sewing and Quilting Machine

Brother PQ1500SL Sewing and Quilting Machine

The Brother PQ1500SL is arguably the best budget and performance options that are available on the market. It is made for people who enjoy significant scale works and need a precise and long working area for their industrial sewing machine preference.

The motor gives significant energy and provides a reasonable rate of sewing per minute. Its wide table body shape is great to have large and lengthy project materials such as quilts that aren’t covered by most of the industrial sewing machines out there.

The Brother PQ1500SL comes with seven sewing feet alongside knee lifters that will help to put up the pressure foot and give maximum efficiency.

Helping with the precision factors, Brother PQ1500SL also has a needle threading system that provides overall accuracy type of materials in general. The pin feeding system is also a great addition to get around those wide stitches over your projects.

The Brother PQ1500SL is without any doubts one of the best industrial sewing machines in the market, but it has features that either make it more desired to the buyer or become averse to many. If you want to work on long length projects, then without any hesitation, go for the Brother PQ1500SL.


  • Retractable 4 built-in feed dog 
  • Wide table machine
  • Max speed 1500 SPM
  • Seven sewing feet 


  • Automatic thread trimmer
  • Best for quilts and similar mid to heavy materials 
  • Good for novice sewers 
  • Affordable price point
  • Durable build quality


  • The automatic needle threader has functionality issues for some threads
  • SPM is a bit slower

10. Yamata Industrial Sewing Machine FY-8700 Lockstitch Sewing Machine

Yamata Industrial Sewing Machine

The Yamata FY-8700 gives you the performance and the feature that you look for in a premium industrial sewing machine. Its features range from having great motor support to providing reverse foot lift all in a decent price range.

Yamata FY-8700 comes with a servo motor which means it provides noise suppression while the motor is running and provides almost no vibration at all.

Due to the usage of this high-quality motor, it has good stitching speed. It also consists of an automatic lubrication system, but it doesn’t support the walking foot mechanism.

This single needle large hook sewing machine comes with extra bobbins and needles, and six months warranty for the device and one year warranty for the motor.


  • Suitable for all type of materials, but best for medium weighted materials
  • Max Speed is 5500 SPM
  • 5mm stitch length 
  • 13 mm foot lift
  • Has a thread stand for ease of use


  • Sturdy and durable metal build
  • Automatic lubrication
  • Quiet motor noises and low vibrations
  • Premium quality in lower price point
  • Comes with 5 additional bobbins and 10 needles


  • Doesn’t have a walking foot mechanism


1. Who can use an industrial sewing machine? 

If you are a master sewinist or a busy dressmaker then you can use an industrial sewing machine for fast and accurate sewing.

And if you want to start a sewing project as a business then it’s perfect to choose an industrial sewing machine for accurate and professional work. Industrial sewing machines are for heavy-duty sewing so it recommends expert operators. 

1. How long do Industrial Sewing Machines last?

Most industrial sewing machines perform perfectly for at least five years. If taken care of and used correctly, they can last longer and up to ten years. But there are some computerized sewing machines out there that can survive for 25 years.

Final Thoughts: Best Industrial Sewing Machine

Here we discuss all about some of the best industrial sewing machines from the market for you. If you read this article well then it’s enough for you to choose the perfect one for you.

Just find out who you are: a beginner or a master sewinist or a businessman who wants to operate a vast sewing or garments business.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to pick the industrial sewing machine you like and start sewing!

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