Best Threads For Sewing Machine – (Reviews, Pros & Cons)

The core component for any sewing session is the threads. Using the proper lines for your projects can either make or break your sewed projects.

But finding the best Threads for a sewing machine is more than a complicated process as you need to keep many factors in check. And the multitude of available options in the market doesn’t help and ultimately makes you agitated and confused.

But don’t worry, if you are one of the many facing this complication, this is the perfect article for you. In this article, we’ll give you our best picks for individual sewing machines and specific sewing sectors so that you can find that perfect thread for sewing machines right here!

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Review of 10 Best Threads for Sewing Machine

We’ve gathered our top best picks by going through all the available threads for sewing machines you can find in the market so that you won’t have to go through this long and monotonous process.

We’ve also divided the thread types based on their usage and machine type; thus, it will be more convenient for you to find your desired thread for your sewing machine. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at our picks for the best threads for a sewing machine in 2021!

Best Threads for Singer Sewing Machine

The singer is one of the most recognized brands in the sewing industry as it has been providing affordable machines for sewers for decades. And if you have been in the sewing business for a while, then you might already have a sewing machine at your disposal.

But if you want an optimal performance out of a Singer sewing machine, you need the perfect threads for it. Here are two best picks when it comes to Singer sewing machines:

1. Dyno Merchandise Singer Sewing Threads (ASIN B085M81HZX)

dyno merchandise singer sewing threads

One of the best go-to sewing threads options for Singer users is the Dyno Merchandise’s Singer sewing threads, as these threads work wonders when put through a singer machine. This thread kit comes with many features, and the specially made carrying box attracts many customers. 

The threads also offer a variety of colors. If you want a good-performing thread for sewing machines, then this one should be one of your top picks for sure.


  • Has 42-color spool 
  • 850 yards per spool thread
  • Total sewing threads are around 3500 yards 
  • Sewing case storage with three drawers


  • It offers
  • wide range color. 
  • Sewing case makes it convenient for portable and mobile use along with providing a good storage unit
  • Suitable for beginners or mid-level users


  • Best suited for only Singer machines
  • The color of the threads are a bit too bright
  • Not the best option for expert and experienced sewer

2. Ilauke Sewing Thread (ASIN B088NPL7DB)

ilauke sewing thread

If you want the best sewing threads for your Singer sewing machine on an affordable price, this is the best sewing thread choice available for you in the market. This thread kit comes with around 25 color choices. This thread kit is limited to Singer machines for optimal performance as it maintains its high standards in various sewing machines.

So, if you are looking for a versatile sewing thread kit option while being on the budget side, this sewing thread kit from Clarke is a perfect choice!   


  • Has 25-color spool caps
  • 800 yards per spool thread
  • Total sewing threads are around 2000 yards 
  • Polyester sewing threads 


  • Provides a multitude of color options 
  • Polyester thread makes it durable and resistant to discolor, damage, and waring out
  • what  can use it on various projects without creating a hindrance
  • Works with almost every Basic or electric sewing machine available in the market.
  • Budget-friendly and one of the cheapest options available in the market  


  • The color option is limited compared to other sewing threads
  • Packaging is rushed and sometimes comes with broken threads
  • Not suitable with Brothers sewing machines

Best Threads for Brother Sewing Machine

Another renowned manufacturer in the sewing machine market, Brother takes pride in the sheer quality and optimal performance they bring to the table with their sewing machine lineups.

But even a high-powered beast of a sewing machine can’t live up to its full potential if it doesn’t have the threads to work with. So here are the best two threads for Brothers sewing machines:

1. Gutermann 200 M (ASIN B0018N5VNE)

gutermann 200 m sewing thread

This quilting thread from Gutermann may seem a lack of luster choice at first, but if you want extreme durability with a great color combination, this cotton-made thread is best suited for you.

It supports every brother’s machine due to its high durability and resistance. And also comes in with a cheap price tag.


  • Has 38-color spool 
  • 220 yards or 200 meters per spool thread
  • Cotton sewing threads 


  • Strong durability; best suited for heavy usage 
  • Perfect match for Brother sewing machines 
  • The color of the threads are on point 
  • Cotton threads offer a soft touch to finished projects 
  • Budget-friendly price range 


  • Not the best option for hand stitching
  • It needs a powerful servo motor sewing machine to get the most out of this thread

2. COATS & CLARK Sewing Thread (ASIN B001MUKQN8)

coats & clark sewing thread

If you want to use metallic threads for your sewing projects, you won’t be able to find any better option than the metallic threads from COATS & CLARK. It is best suited for machine quilting along with decorative stitching. It offers five types of metallic color ranges. It is also budget-friendly.


  • Has 5-color spool 
  • 125 yards per spool thread
  • Metallic sewing threads 


  • Best for machine quilting stitches
  • Provides good durability against heavy workloads
  • Perfect for Brother sewing machines due to their high servo motor and industrial performance usage


  • Terrible choice of threads for home usage
  • Less variation of colors

Best Threads for Hand Sewing Machine

Now, suppose you want to get in touch with the fabric up close. In that case, there is no better option than going with hand sewing machines as they offer more precision and personal customization options that you won’t get from automatic sewing machines.

Not only that, for beginners and amateur sewers, using a hand sewing machine and threads improves their coordination of fingers and brain.

Without the proper thread set, using a hand sewing machine can be a drag, and the final output won’t be the best. But don’t worry, here are our picks for the two best hand sewing threads:

1. Gutermann Sew-All Thread (ASIN B0001DUTAW)

gutermann sew-all thread

Guttermann is well known in the sewing market for their impressive lineup of sewing threads, and the Sew-all line is no different. This thread is perfect for hand sewing due to its jumbo spool build and polyester structure. If you are looking for threads that will synergize perfectly with natural & synthetic fibers, there is no better option.

Along with all these, this thread is also highly resistant to tear and break, providing a high-quality line and good finish on your fabrics from start to finish. And if the price is considered, it is an excellent price point for all sorts of users.


  • It comes with two types of color
  • Jumbo stool thread, 1094 yards per thread
  • Polyester sewing threads.


  • Best for both automatic and hand sewing machines
  • The large stool makes it more robust and durable compared to other competitions 
  • The polyester coating makes the threads maintain their shine even after multiple washes and usage
  • Nice as embroidery threads
  • Works smoothly on synthetic and natural fibers
  • Very much beginner-friendly
  • It also comes with good longevity without reducing quality 


  • Although you can use them on both automatic and hand sewing machines, the threads often break down when being used on automatic machines
  • You are only stuck with two color options

2. American & Efird Sewing Threads (ASINB0018N3QTK)

american & efird sewing threads

Another great option regarding hand sewing machines is the sewing threads from the American & Efird. These threads come with a maxi lock feature that ensures that you can thread at high-speed machines without any concerns of breaking down or losing quality in the process. Goes with a variety of fabrics. 

It is suited for both automatic and hand sewing machines, and unlike the other competitions on the market, this thread can perform equally well on both machine layouts due to its solid and durable build.

You can also choose from multiple color options to not be tied down to one single type of thread color to work with. So, if you want an all-purpose versatile sewing thread for your hand sewing sessions, then the American & Efird sewing thread is just made for you!   


  • Has 26-color variants of the spool 
  • 3000 yards per spool thread
  • Polyester sewing threads
  • Supports all sort of sewing machines 


  • One of the best options for any sewing machine, especially for hand sewing machines 
  • It comes with multiple color options, providing the sewer with versatile design choices 
  • Polyester threads offer excellent durability and resistance against damage
  • Perfect color balance to make your sewed fabrics more elegant and aesthetically pleasant
  • Maxi lock makes the lines able to survive the highest order of servo motors with ease 


  • Comes with three stool per package which can be inconvenient to the users who’s serger uses 4.
  • Some customers noticed broken threads after continuous usage at maximum speed.

Best Threads for Cotton Fabric

Cotton threads are a must if you want to work with cotton fabrics. Many professional and experienced sewers believe that one should always use the same thread as the yarn to maintain a perfect synergy on the finished fabric.

And although it might sound optional, if you want to do cotton fabrics, this is a law that you have to follow; otherwise, your finished quilt, sweaters, or any cotton project won’t be the perfect output.

So, sewers must get the best cotton threads in the market to have a magnificent finished product that will give this satisfaction. Here are our top two picks regarding the best threads for cotton fabric:

1. New brothreads Cotton Threads (ASIN B0869FFWXL)

new brothreads cotton threads

There are very few competitors in the cotton thread market to New brothreads thread as they are one of the most prominent cotton thread providers. These cotton threads from New brothers are considered one of their best as they come with through gassing & mercerizing process, making the threads less linter while providing a smoother surface with good luster and aesthetically pleasing matt look.

What’s more, these threads can be used for multiple purposes, from quilting to heavy embroidery works; they can perform optimally in any scenario without any drawbacks. It is ideal if you want to go for natural fabrics as these threads offer a good synergy with raw materials. It comes with a lot of accessories. 

So, if you want a jack of all trades among cotton threads, you should try out these threads from New brothreads


  • It comes with 24 essential color spools, 16 pastel color spools, and five black and white spools
  • 660 yards per spool thread 
  • Cotton sewing threads


  • 100% Mercerized threads best for any cotton fabrics from quilts to piecing 
  • Multi-purpose sewing thread making these treads not bound to only cotton projects but also heavy embroidery tasks
  • It comes with excellent durability and good stretch, so the users won’t have to face any broken threads during work
  • Provides multiple color options and perfect color balance to make your projects more elegant and aesthetically pleasing
  • Easy to lock threads with pull and push system which makes work process smoother and more efficient


  • Not a good fit for novice and beginners

2. Simthread Cotton Threads (ASIN B077VJ8M5S)

simthread cotton threads

When it comes to cotton threads and their good reputation, there is no better option than Simthread cotton threads, as these cotton thread supply come with the pure excellence of Simthread’s 20 years of experience in this field. 

What’s more, all the materials used for the threads are freshly imported from Germany, ensuring that you’ll get the quality you deserve. This is 100% mercerized cotton, meaning it is more robust than most other options available in the market. Suit best with lightweight fabrics

Being a mercerized cotton thread, these threads offer a more lustrous finish giving your finished projects and fabrics that fine finish that every sewer looks out for. So, if you want a premium quality thread for your sewing projects, you should go for Simthread cotton threads as they are without any doubt one of the best options out there.   


  • It comes with 24-color spools
  • 550 yards per spool thread 
  • Cotton sewing threads


  • 100% Mercerized threads best for any cotton fabrics from quilts to piecing 
  • It comes with excellent durability and a firm structure
  • Provides multiple color options 
  • Raw materials come straight from Germany to ensure the quality of the threads  
  • Serves for multiple sewing options ranging from quilting to embroidery


  • Not suited for hand sewing due to the build of these threads

Best Threads for Sewing Jeans

Sewing jeans require finesse and proper threads to provide the perfect output. Topstitching is the Sewing jeans require finesse and proper threads to provide the perfect output.

Topstitching is the essential factor sewers need to look out for, and polyester threads are perfect for that. Here are our top two picks of the best threads for sewing jeans in general:

1. Coats & Clark Threads for Jeans (ASIN B0033P57FM)

coats & clark threads for jeans

These polyester threads from Coats & Clark provide strong threads vital to holding up the fabric of jeans. These threads are specially made for jeans as they come with a polyester structure with a golden coating, giving the threads the durability and efficiency to be regarded as one of the best threads for sewing jeans.  


  • Box includes six pieces of threads
  • 70 yards per spool thread 
  • Polyester sewing threads 


  • Strong threads solely focused on jeans
  • The polyester structure provides good durability
  • It comes with an affordable budget for sewers   


  • Only suited for jeans, not compatible with other sewing machines
  • Customer service’s response rate is questionable

2. Gutermann Jeans Thread (ASIN B00JPJSNSI)

gutermann jeans thread

There is nothing much left to say about Gutermann threads as they are one of the most renowned thread brands in the sewing market, and why not? They do provide the best threads for every category. And that is the same for jeans, as these polyester threads are perfect to sew through jeans while providing good durability and optimal sewing experience.

These threads come with the multi-colored option so they can blend with your jean’s color perfectly, giving it a seamless look. What’s more, you can use these threads for not only jeans but other purposes as well!


  • It comes with 5-color spools
  • Box includes three 110 yards and two 218 yards spools 
  • Polyester sewing threads


  • Polyester threads ensure that you get good durability 
  • It mainly focused on jeans but can be used for other purposes
  • Provides optical color blend with jeans
  • Provides knot and damage-free sewing experience  


  • Not the best option for beginners who want to try sewing jeans


  • How to Choose the Correct Sewing Machine Thread?

This depends on many factors, but the main things you need to focus on are the thickness level of the threads, durability, and color. The optimal blending of colors is something that all sewers should look out for when picking threads.

  • What thread to use in the Bobbin?

For selecting threads for the Bobbin, you need to look out for the weight of the threads. 60 weight thread is the most optimal, but you can lower it down depending on your needs.

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Final Thoughts: Best Threads for Sewing Machine

A sewing machine is rendered useless if it doesn’t contain threads, but not just any threads for a sewing machine will make your finished work look good or bring you the inner satisfaction you were hoping for. For that reason, you need to have the best threads for sewing machine for yourself.

Hopefully, this article has provided you with the options you need to find the best threads for sewing machine. And if so, then what are you waiting for? It’s time to get your desired threads and start sewing!