Industrial Vs Home Sewing Machine – Which One Is Best For You?

What are the differences between industrial vs home sewing machine? Which one should you choose for your business or personal use?

Industrial sewing machines, also known as commercial sewing machines, have been used in factories to sew clothing since the early 1900s. They were originally designed with a specific purpose: to make uniforms for soldiers during World War I. These machines had many features that made it easier to produce uniform garments quickly and efficiently.

home sewing machines, on the other hand, were developed specifically for domestic purposes. their main advantage was that they could be operated by people who did not need special training. However, this meant that there were fewer options available when compared to an industrial sewing machine.

However, the popularity of sewing machines in the sewing industry continued to grow over the next few decades. in 1939, sales reached $1 billion. 

Here we are diving deep to know the difference between Industrial vs home sewing machine and finding out the suitable one for you. 

Type of stitch

Industrial sewing machines come with a single stitch option though this type of machine can stitch different types of stitch with its stitching options like straight stitch, decorative stitch and so on.

At the same time home sewing machines are basic sewing machines that can be used with your skills. Domestic sewing machines come with some fancy stitch which helps you to sew with much more easily than an industrial machine. 

Quality of Sewing 

When you ask for quality then the industrial sewing machine comes forward as its operates with a powerful motor and can sew randomly till the end. In that case domestic machines come with a foot pedal or arm sewing machine.

It operates manually and by human power. If you can’t maintain the pressure it can cause a less quality sewing. But for home or personal sewing projects home sewing machines work very perfectly.

Sewing Speed

You must know the difference between this and an industrial sewing machine that comes with powerful motors like servo motor or clutch motor. So, It can produce a really good amount of power to sew at a faster speed.

On the other hand Home sewing machines come with an arm or foot pedal option that can make a maximum of 800 stitches per minute but also depends on the operator how skillful he/she is. 

Threading and options

Modern sewing machine like industrial sewing machines come with a nice feature called built-in needle thread and thread cutter. These features help sears to avoid the hassle of threading to needles.

Industrial sewing machines can sew with heavier thread with heavy weight fabrics like denim. It’s also very familiar with bobbin thread. On the other hand, home sewing machines that operate by hand are good enough to handle all kinds of threads and fabrics. 

Maintenance and repairing

As the industrial sewing machine is automated and comes with tons of options it needs more maintenance than a home sewing machine. Industrial types of sewing machines require regular cleaning and lubing.

Its high speed motors also need to care for its longibility. Opposite of the coin the home sewing machine is an easy to go type machine that doesn’t require a bunch of maintenance. 

If it comes for repairs then both machines are a bit far from repairing because if you maintain these machines properly then it will give you a good lifetime value. 

Pricing Difference

It’s easy to guess the price difference between industrial vs home sewing machines now . industrial machines are more powerful, featureful and more reliable then the home sewing machine.

So its price is a bit higher than most of the home sewing machines on the market. Industrial sewing machines start from 250- 3000$ most of the time but if you want you can buy a home sewing machines under 50$.

Which One Best For Different Project – Industrial Vs Home Sewing Machine

home vs industrial sewing machine

Embroidery project

Industrial sewing machines come for heavy random sewing that’s good for embroidery projects but home sewing machines serve you the best as they’re controlled by humans.

So it’s easy to push the stitch gap and speed as required. If you are searching for a machine dedicated for embroidery then read this out must Best embroidery machine

Quilting project 

Quilting projects need a powerful machine most of the time. Industrial machines go with this very well. Sewing Heavy fabrics is easy and random thing to do with a industrial machine rather then home sewing machine.

Commercial sewing projects 

Industrial machines come for heavy duty sewing projects that mean comercial sewing. Industrial sewing machines can randomly run all day long with heavier fabrics and threads.

Home sewing machines are not familiar for commercial usage. It can help you for basic sewing and embroidery with your own designed fashionable dress design, crafting and so on. 

Crafting projects 

Crafting sewing projects like table mate design, embroidery on sofa mate, fashionable baby dresses anf so on are going great with a residential machine. Industrial sewing machines will be more costly and not user friendly in this segment. 

Garment sewing 

If you own a tailor shop or dressmaking business then both types of sewing machines go well based on your customers’ demand. Industrial sewing machines serve well if you have a busy schedule.

It can meet the delivery time with a quality sewing with its speeds and features and home sewing machines come up if you have less customer pressure. It will lower your production cost and help you to make more bucks. Home sewing machine is a perfect sewing machine for both new business owners and beginners. 

How to Select your type of machine- Industrial vs Home sewing machine

Here we have a chart of choice. Look at this and this will lead you to the best choice. 

If you are If you are 
A Beginners sewerA professional sewer
Doing basic sewing and design project Doing complex and professional design 
Need a easy learning curve No need of n easy learning curve 
Compact budget Standard Budget 
Not for commercial usage For commercial usage
Go for Home sewing machineGo for Industrial sewing machine

Final Thoughts: Industrial vs Home Sewing Machine

Now it’s an easy job to choose the type of sewing machine for you. If you are confused now to find out the best industrial sewing machine or best mechanical sewing machine then we have already done our jobs for you. Hope all the way we helped you worked out.

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