Mechanical Vs Computerized Sewing Machine – What’s Best For You

Hey, are you going to start a journey in the sewing industry or you are already in? No matter in what stage you are, it’s a mandatory read article for you to know the types of sewing machines. Mechanical VS Computerized sewing machine. It will be a nice discussion between vintage machines VS computerized models. 

Do you know about basic sewing machines? It’s not like a mechanical machine either. It’s all about old school sewing machines that come with a handler or a foot pedal that’s able to complete simple home projects. 

After the Electronics revolution, these sewing machines became more powerful, featureful and also very convenient for large scale sewing projects

We are here to describe the basic difference and suggest to you the one which will be best for you nowadays.

What we discussed here

  • What are  Mechanical and computerised sewing machines
  • which is easier to use mechanical VS Computerized sewing machines
  • Best for beginner mechanical or Computerized.
  • Key Difference 
  • Mechanical and Computerized Buyers Guide
  • Final Thought

What Are Mechanical And Computerised Sewing Machines?

A computerized sewing machine has a computer chip at the heart of it running its operations. Every possible aspect of the device is programmed on the chip.

This allows them to have much more automation and functionality. These can be accessed using a touch screen LCD screen or a mix of LCD screens and buttons. 

Features include automatic needle threading, built-in stitches, speed controls, automatic buttonholes, bobbin thread, presser foot, stitch speed and much more.

Once the correct setting is selected, the sewer can rely on the machine for the majority of the tasks. Having the cloth placed at the device’s feet and guiding the fabric can be enough in some. No worries for heavy fabric. 

A mechanical sewing machine is a basic machine that has a limited number of functionalities that are accessed by knobs and buttons. Operating one is much simpler than a computerized one. Because the setting can be selected using provided buttons, and the sewing can begin.

Sewing using a mechanical machine requires a lot of manual work. This may be seen as an advantage, particularly for hobbyists or beginners, as they are more involved with the process.

Most Of the time mechanical machines do not come with automatic needle threaders and different stitch options but it depends on your passion that how much you want to know and take a mechanical machine to its next level.

Mechanical Vs Computerized Sewing Machines, Which Is Easier To Use

mechanical vs computerized sewing machines easier to use

Using a computerized machine involves a learning curve before getting hold of it. Many of the automatic features need getting used to the process and operation of the device. Getting past that makes it one of the most straightforward machines to sew on. 

Mechanical sewing machines are easy to start with. But they do require the sewer to control much of the process. A limited number of options means the sewer is more focused on the features at hand. Mechanical machines are perfect machines for beginners to learn the backstage process of the machine. 

Best For Beginner Mechanical Or Computerized

Deciding which one is ideal for beginners is a subjective matter. It depends on the individual’s needs and wants with the machine. There are some points you can consider when going for a purchase.

For a beginner looking to branch out much more than sewing like embroidery, computerized is the way to go. These have options to carry out embroidery and monogramming.

Moreover, if you are looking to make sewing a profession, we recommend starting with a computerized machine. It will be much easier for larger projects like production purposes later on. Being familiar with automation will reap the benefits when you have many pieces in the pipeline.

Mechanical sewing machines give the option to be part of the process much more. Compare it to a car with a stick shift. You are physically in control of the driving. It does allow you to concentrate on sewing and mastering every aspect of the craft. 

Key Difference Mechanical And Computerized


More functionality means a higher price for the computerized sewing machines. Spending some extra bucks would be required to enjoy the excellent sewing experience that comes with it. 

A mechanical sewing machine, in comparison, is much more affordable. This makes them ideal for beginners who are willing to try out sewing before committing to a device. 


Maintaining a mechanical sewing machine is much easier. You don’t have much to worry about to keep it running. If there were an issue, it could be fixed locally as no special knowledge is needed.

Adding a computer chip to a machine increases its complications in terms of maintenance. Now you have the components of mechanics and computers to depend on. And fixing it requires you to rely on the dealership. With it, the cost of repairing and maintaining it increases.


Mechanical sewing machines are much more durable. This is due to having more minor parts comparatively. As a result, they last for decades. 

Computerized sewing machines, on the other hand, are shorter-lived than mechanical ones. With the constant update of hardware and software, they become outdated quickly. Replacing one does not necessarily depend on the device per se, but the need for upgraded machines.

Mechanical and Computerized Buyers Guide

mechanical vs computerized sewing machine buyers guide

When it comes to getting your sewing machines, a few notable brands provide the best ones. 


A Japanese company that has over 100 years of experience in producing quality goods. Besides other products, their range of products includes Computerized and Mechanical sewing machines, embroidery machines and also quilting machines.

Brother has you covered if you are a beginner or an expert. If you happen to be on a low budget, you could find a well-rounded machine from Brother within the price range. 


Janome is another Japanese company that specializes in producing sewing machines. With around 70 years of experience, you can rely on Janome for a reliable sewing machine.

Known for making sturdy and reliable machines, their primary focus is usually intermediate and expert sewers. However, you could still get hold of a beginner sewing machine by Janome. 


The singer is an American manufacturer that has been around for 70-ish years. With the experience comes quality products at different price ranges based on the customer’s needs.

Unlike manufacturers like Brother, Singer’s brand is known for its sewing machines and garments-related accessories, which should indicate their expertise and quality in the field.

Final Thought: Mechanical vs Computerized Sewing Machine

What is ideal for you is a personal question that you can answer best. Knowing why you are getting a sewing machine is an excellent first step for the answer.

Additionally, there are metrics like budget and features that can decide on to make the decision better. Whatever the decision, the ability to express creativity with your sewing prowess is possible with any machine.

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