What Is A Coverstitch Machine And Why Used For?

What Is A Coverstitch Machine And Why Used For coverstitch machine? A coverstitch machine is a popular name in the sewing market and one of the most expensive sewing machines out there. And if you are wondering what is a coverstitch machine, then you are in the right place. 

In this article, we’ll guide you through everything that comes with the term coverstitch machine so that you can have all the answers to your question. So, buckle up, and let’s dive deep into the sea of coverstitch machines!

What is Coverstitch?

A coverstitch is a hemming stitch ensures that your stitched fabric gets flexibility and enough stretch for usage. This stitch is formed by two or more needles creating straight stitches, while the looper end creates a zigzag in between the straight stitches. 

And on the inside or the reverse side, overcast stitches are found. And the sole purpose of a coverstitch machine is to provide just this.

What is a Coverstitch Machine?

A coverstitch machine is one types of machines where you will get your finished garment edges polished and smooth as professional finish. And although some regular sewing machine come with sewing and cover stitching features altogether.

The quality of coverstitch gets relatively lower from a basic sewing machine than the excellent quality of coverstitch you could’ve gained if you went with a separate machine. Computerized or mechanical sewing machines basically can handle lighter weight fabrics for a good coverstitch stitch. 

In technical terms, a coverstitch machine is mainly used for topstitching knits and the hemming process. This machine’s sole purpose is to create a coverstitch; it makes straight stitches on your fabric on the front side. And at the same time, on the reverse side, a zigzag grid or chain stitch is created by the looper thread, which crosses between the needle threads.

Due to this, you get a reasonably stretchable, elastic, and durable stitch that makes your stitching knots a lot easier and fights off the stitched fabrics’ common problem getting stretched out during hemming.

And this makes a coverstitch machine far superior to any sewing machine out there. It also doesn’t need to change thread or colors of thread and stitch styles, which saves time and gives a more hassle-free user experience than sewing machines.

Types of Coverstitch Machines

types of coverstitch machines

Coverstitch machines can be divided up into four parts. And these are:

Two Needle Coverstitch Machine

The two-needle coverstitch machines were one of the pioneers of coverstitch machines. These machines come with two needles and one looper.

The needles are made to sew two threaded coverstitch with one single-row chainstitch seam. So, it is safe to say it is meant for the most basic coverstitch operations.

But the usage of the two-needle coverstitch machine have become scarce as new types of coverstitches can provide the same and more than the two-needle coverstitch machine 

Three Needle Coverstitch Machine 

A convenient and improved version of the two-needle coverstitch machine, the three-needle coverstitch machine comes with three needles and one looper. The three-needle coverstitch machine can sew not only one or two threaded coverstitch but also three-needle coverstitch seam. 

Three needle coverstitch seam is appealing and attractive and is an excellent choice for decorative stitch on fabrics. Due to these functionalities, this is one of the most popular coverstitch machine type, which is adored by sewers.    

Mixed Coverstitch Sewing Machine 

Mixed coverstitch or sewing machines are convenient for many sewers as it comes with both sewing and coverstitching functions. It comes with various and capabilities to be user friendly. 

But the biggest drawback of mixed or combines machines is the price, as mixed sewing machines tend to have a higher price rate than most other sewing machines and coverstitch machines available in the market.

Apart from the high price, the final coverstitched product’s quality isn’t always a direct comparison with a product made with a coverstitch machine. And the quality drop is something that can either make or break the popularity and sales of your product. And not to mention durability.    

Top Cover Machine

The industry-grade regarding coverstitch machine is to cover machines. This type of coverstitch machine can sew decorative double-sided coverstitches seam on both sides of a fabric. That means you can get perfect hemming in the front and the reverse side of the material.

The top cover machine can also be used for various sewing purposes like flat joining seams and decorative topstitching. If someone wants to go all out with coverstitching, then top cover machines are close to the industry level that one can get.

Why Should You Pick Coverstitch Machines?

coverstitch machine

If you want perfection on your sewed fabrics, especially clothes, there are no alternatives to picking up a coverstitch machine. It provides quality in your product that you can’t find otherwise.

And the quality of your products should be your top priority no matter what you are making. Having an assurance that your created clothes are perfect as far as the build is concerned, you can have inner peace and a good business.  

But if you sent out products without having the perfect coverstitch on them, then many things can go wrong. The quality and the durability will drop, you can also face the loss of potential customers.

Additional Costs?

It might come as a surprise, but coverstitch machines don’t need any external accessories to give optimal performance. This saves you from any additional costs you would’ve faced with a sewing machine with different stitching styles, threads, and bobbins.

But also keep in mind that the actual cost of a coverstitch machine is higher than most sewing machines, and the budget options aren’t that great if you want the best and optimal performance from your coverstitch engines.

With extra features a coverstitch machine became more expensive. But a basic automatic coverstitch machine comes with some basic features like  presser foot, feed dogs,control dial, Speed control, different stitch options and so on.

Bottom Line: What is a Coverstitch Machine

Without any doubts, coverstitch machines are a great addition to your sewing arsenal if you want to go all out. But going with a coverstitch also requires commitment as it doesn’t come in cheap.

So, if you’re going to take your sewing game to the next level and want to make it to the top, then having the best coverstitch machine will play a significant role in your career.

Hopefully, this article has helped you find the answers regarding a coverstitch machine and gave you the clarity you needed. So, best of luck in your sewing journey!

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