What is a Industrial Sewing Machine?

What is a Industrial Sewing Machine: With the rise of the industrial revolution and technological advancement, there have been a lot of changes to our daily lives. Industries are now using computerized machineries more than ever. The garment industry is using computerized sewing machines which are also known as industrial sewing machines.

What are industrial sewing machines used for? How did the industrial sewing machines revolutionize the garments industries? We will answer all of that and more in this article!

What Should I Look for in an Industrial Sewing Machine?

Industrial-grade sewing machines should be highly efficient, speedy, and precise. These are mostly used in garment factories all over the world. But, do you need an industrial sewing machine for your sewing or should you stick with a domestic one?

Well, that really depends on how you use your sewing machine and how often you need one. Along with that, let’s discuss other factors that you need to consider before getting an industrial sewing machine.


If you’re a professional tailor who constantly needs to stitch up clothes and work on other sewing tasks, then yes, an industrial sewing machine is a pretty good investment for your work.

But, if you’re someone who doesn’t use sewing machine often, it’s not recommended to invest that amount of money for a hobby. A domestic sewing machine will be just adequate for your sewing.

Types of Industrial Sewing Machines

Choosing the perfect type of industrial sewing machine is an essential factor to consider as each of them are good for a particular set of tasks.

Let’s look at the basic types of industrial sewing machines that you can choose from.

  • Single Needle Lock Stitch Machine – Used for stitching 2 or more piles of fabric together.
  • Over-lock Sewing Machine – Used for sewing garment panels and for over-edge stitch.
  • Flatlock Sewing Machine – Used for hemming sleeves and bottoms of the knitting items.
  • Feed Of The Arm – For sewing shirt side seams and underarms, also used for sewing Jeans’ inseam.
  • Button Attaching Machine – As the name suggests, this machine is used to attach buttons to shirts, pants, and any other clothing products.
  • Button Hole Machine – Used for making button holes on products like shirts, pants, polo t-shirts, and others.
  • Bartack Machine – This is used to reinforce the garment products that may be subject to stretch or additional wear.
  • Zigzag Sewing Machine – This Machine makes unique zigzag stitch patterns for design and other related work.
  • Multi-Needle Chain Stitch Machine – Used in garment products that need reducing the dimension of the fabric to its one-third, also referred to as Smocking. 
  • Double-Needle Lock Stitch Machine – Used for sewing double stitches to fabrics, and hence reduces time.

So, based on your necessity, choose your preferred industrial sewing machine from these mentioned ones. Each of them is good for performing a particular set of task. You need to identify your needs and go for the one that will serve you the best.

Offered Features

Industrial sewing machines come with more features than the traditional ones. But, as they vary depending on their types, you need to look at the features carefully so that they machine serves your purpose.

Features like walking foot, needle feed, drop feed, manual feed, etc. are some of the essential features to consider before getting the machine. Tension control and stop position of needle are also among the features that are essential.

You have to see whether the machine you’re choosing offering these features well or not. Other than these, speed, motor, noise, durability etc. are also needed to be considered carefully.

How Much Does an Industrial Sewing Machine Weigh

industrial sewing machine weigh

Weight should be an important factor to consider while buying an industrial sewing machine. These machines are heavy and will take up a lot of space in your workspace. Not to mention, they come mounted on a table and you cannot detach them from the table as they’re meant to be kept as a unit.

Popular brands like Juki have a lot of varieties of these industrial-grade sewing machines. Some weigh upwards of 250 pounds or 125 kilograms.

Some popular sewing machines along with their respective weights are given below:

But you can also find portable sewing machines which are much lighter. They don’t come in as a kit with a table, but they are also not as powerful as the other ones which you should also take into consideration when buying an industrial sewing machine. You’ll be buying them for their power, durability, and shear speed which might not be available in portable ones.

How Much Does an Industrial Sewing Machine Cost?

Industrial Sewing Machines can be a heavy investment to make. But the quality and efficiency you will get out of one of these will never compare to a domestic one. With that being said, it is a lot of money to spend, and you should only consider one if you know you’ll need it. 

A popular machine which is Juki DDL-8100 costs around $850 on Amazon. The Consew Upholstery Industrial Sewing Machine will cost around $1350. It costs a bit more as you can even sew heavyweight items like leather items, luggage, and upholstery.

Among the cheap ones, the sewing and embroidery machine from Brother costs $553. The Brother Serger will cost $424.

Conclusion: What is a Industrial Sewing Machine

These industrial sewing machines are a joy to use for many for their great service and durability. You have to make sure you can take proper advantage of it.

We hope this article helped you get a better idea as to what are industrial sewing machines used for and helped in your decision to purchase one.

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