Do You Know What Is A Mechanical Sewing Machine?

It can be pretty frustrating but somewhat exciting as well when you’re out to buy a sewing machine. Sewing is not only fun but a creative experience as well, and if you continue with it, in the long run, it can help you save a few bucks as well.

If you want a mechanical sewing machine that will last you a while and not break down all the time, then you would like to invest a good amount in it. If you’re spending a lot of money on it, you must get your research done on What is a mechanical sewing machine? 

What is a Mechanical Sewing Machine?

Mechanical machine are sewing machines that give you basic functionality and make use of knobs and dials to change or adjust different settings on the machine.

The name “mechanical” is due to the settings and interface of the machine since it uses more manual functions such as moving the lever, positioning the needle to the right spot, and moving the knobs around. 

There are so many type of machine in the sewing and embroidery industry. Mechanical machines are basic sewing machines that come with less automatic features.

What Makes a Mechanical Sewing Machine So Good?

mechanical sewing machine good or bad

Mechanical sewing machines are considered the more economical choice for sewing machines; they’re simple to use. You tend to feel more satisfied with your stitch work when it turns out as you intended it to since it uses a lot of manual work for you to get your stitches in. 

The satisfactory feeling from your stitches, affordability, and sturdy and durable design all make these basic machines unforgettable.

Are Mechanical Sewing Machines Easy to Use?

Mechanical sewing machines offer more of a simple user interface when you’re stitching. It has essential functions that you can use for multiple sewing projects with ease. Of course, it does require a bit of getting used to for someone who doesn’t have any previous sewing experience.

The instructions on how to use a mechanical sewing machine are relatively simple and easy to understand.

As much of a straightforward interface as an automatic sewing machine, a computerized sewing machine offers you more flexibility with advanced features like built-in stitches, stitch types, automatic buttonholes, speed control and so on. You can do everything with a press of a button once you get the hang of how things work. 

Mechanical Sewing Machines Pros and Cons

Like any other product, mechanical sewing machines have their advantages and disadvantages as well. 


Let’s look at the positive sides of using mechanical sewing machines.

Affordability: As we mentioned earlier, mechanical sewing machines are considered a more economical option if you’re talking about sewing. They are much cheaper than many other types of sewing machines. You don’t need to invest more into a sewing machine than you need.

The Simplicity: Sewing is something that comes down from the old ages; you would have most likely seen your mother or your grandmother sewing on a pedal sewing machine. If sewing is something you picked up from your grandmother, then a mechanical sewing machine is probably as modern of an option you would want to go with. 

Easy Maintenance: Mechanical sewing machines are easier to maintain options compared to most other modern sewing machines. Since they lack motherboards or any intricate electronics inside, they are much easier to care for and offer fewer problems. 


Now, let’s point out some of the opposing sides of mechanical sewing machines.

Number of Stitches: Mechanical sewing machines offer you a fewer and limited number of stitches. Most of the time, as primary and tiny as eight stitches. They offer a fraction of what a sewing machine with more technology has to offer. 

Length of the Stitches: If you want to make any changes to your stitch, it has to be done manually with the levers and the manual dials.

The Tension: This can be frustrating for someone just learning the ropes on a mechanical sewing machine since it requires you to adjust the tension manually. 

Complicated: It can often be a more difficult choice for beginners since they need to apply the settings themselves to adjust the tension and length of the stitch.

How Do You Use a Mechanical Sewing Machine?

how do you use a mechanical sewing machine

You would want to start with the most obvious step, threading your machine. You can easily do it by referencing your manual. After you wind your device and the bobbin as well in the shuttle, you are ready to go. 

You can start by pulling up the presser foot level and placing the fabric where you want to stitch it from under the presser foot. You can make straight stitches by holding your material through the guidelines given on the metal plate.

You can press on the pedal when everything is set, and the machine will move the fabric in a backward direction while stitching. The stitch speed can be adjusted depending on how fast or slow you want it. 

Make sure to stop the machine from having the needle down inside the fabric when you reach the endpoint, and you need to make a turn of 90 degrees.

What to Consider When Choosing a Mechanical Sewing Machine?

Mechanical sewing machines require a bit of skill to use but are relatively easy to get the hang of. When getting an automatic sewing machine, you must consider whether you want to expand your sewing skills and move into more complex stuff, or you are going to stick with making simple alterations and doing simple sewing projects. This will decide whether or not a mechanical sewing or embroidery machine is for you or not.

Bottom Line: What is a Mechanical Sewing Machine

We hope you now have a fair idea of what is a mechanical sewing machine. You can now make your decision on whether or not you want one.

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. With mechanical sewing machines, you are offered the simplistic and relaxing feeling of sewing and stitching.

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