What Is Computerized Sewing Machine?

You may be considering getting a computerized sewing machine. After all, automation has improved a lot of areas in our lives. Sewing is no different.

Knowing what is computerized sewing machine helps you make the most out of your next purchase. They pack in a ton of features that aid your skill and productivity.

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What is Computerized Sewing Machine?

A computerized sewing machine has a computer chip at the heart of it running its operations. Every possible aspect of the machine is programmed on the chip. These settings can be selected by the user according to their needs.

Speed of the motor, tension of the tension on the string and much more can be controlled by with the help of the chip. Using a touch screen panel or a mix of LCD screens and buttons, the options can be toggled.

The programs bring a possibility of having hundreds of stitch variants built-in for the user. automatic buttonholes are also included making it easy for consumers. 

Another key feature offered by many computerized sewing machines is the auto-threading of needles. You can start off your projects without strain on the eyes. The use of a computer chip unlocked the range of sewing machines from just stitching.

You can also take on embroidery and quilting projects with one of these. Besides pre-installed designs, other designs can be imported to them to stitch. The controlled speed and direction of the machine make it easier than ever to complete such projects with remarkable speed.

What Makes A Computerized Sewing Machine So Good?

Autonomy is the word that answers this question in one word. A combination of automation and tons of features make them good. Able to thread the needle, cut the thread, adjust the speed, etc.

Adds a lot of value to the arsenal of the user. With the available options, a sewist can take on different projects and finish them much easily & quickly as opposed to a mechanical counterpart.

Are Computerized Sewing Machines Easy To Use?

Although they involve a significant learning curve, they are fairly easy to use. Treat it like any other electronic device like your computer or phone. Yes, there is some learning to do. And once done, it can do wonders to your ability and productivity. 

The different options can be chosen easily through buttons that display the selection on an LCD screen. A touch screen is included for more sophisticated ones. Usually, the manual inside the box is enough to get you up to speed with the machine.

Some brands go an extra mile with DVD’s that show you the how to’s of the machine with a tutorial. And of course, the internet stores tons of tutorials for you to resort to.

Computerized Sewing Machine Advantage and Disadvantages

computerized sewing machine advantage and disadvantages

Similar to any device on the planet, computerized sewing machines come in with advantages and disadvantages. 


Automation: Starting from threading the needle majority of the tasks done are automated. Getting the piece together is much easier when you need not worry much about which stitch to get and how to do it.  

Multiple stitches: Computerized sewing machines offer a lot of stitching options for the user. The number of options go to the point where you are tempted to ask “do I really need all of those?”. As good as the question is, it can be applicable to any electronic item on the market.

The multiple stitches can be done at an instance by selecting the number assigned and off you go. 

Buttonholes: Making buttonholes is a major advantage of computerized sewing machines. It is a part of the process of stitching that may be daunting to make.

The length and stitch size are all done automatically. You just have to select the type of buttonhole and guide the material through. And off you go ready to be buttoned up.

Embroidery and Monogramming: Computerized sewing machines allow easy access to embroidery and monogramming to both beginners and experts alike. With the machine, specialty knowledge is not a prerequisite to get started. You can stitch built-in designs or import ones to your liking. 

Furthermore, the processes are much faster. Some machines have the feature to edit the design on the machine before you get started. 

Speed Control: Foot control is available but they can be opted to be not used. The machine can take care of set speed automatically. The sewer can just guide the cloth through whilst the machine puts in the set pattern. 


Price: Despite being packed with features, price is a hurdle for the masses. Buying one with good features and embroidery may cost a lot. Thankfully, the availability of many variants in the market means you can get a basic model for around $200

Complicated to use: The learning curve involved with one of these is much higher than a mechanical sewing machine. Getting used to the options may take some time before you get the hang of it. Repairing one takes knowledge of electronics. That restricts getting fixing it locally and relying on the dealer.

Durability: The lifespan of a computerized sewing machine is way less than that of a mechanical one. The durability is not dependent just on the outer structure. It also relies on the longevity and features of the electronic components.

Chances are you are likely to replace it after some time because another model is released. And that has more refined features than the one you possess. The discussed lifetime may be from 5-10 years. It may go more than that, but this is the usual lifespan.

Things To Consider Choosing a Computerized Sewing Machine

choosing a computerized sewing machine

What will you use it for?: Knowing which kind of stitching you will need it for is a good metric for choosing one. This way, you know what features are required in the machine you are about to purchase.

For a beginner, you may not need a selection of 200+ sewing stitches. Or for someone keen on embroidery can opt for a machine-made solely for embroidery to max out the usage.

Budget and pricing: How much you are willing to spend is another consideration for your purchase. Having a limit to the budget helps cutting down options and focusing ones within a price range. If you can consider the purchase price then you can go for a featureful computerized sewing or quilting machine.

Final Thought: What Is Computerized Sewing Machine?

The ultimate decision of whether they are for you comes down to your needs. Suppose you are on the fence about deciding to go for them. Their versatility, along with ease of use, make them go-to sewing machines.

Now if you are confused what is the best computerized sewing machine in the market then no worries. We had already researched for you. Just have a look at the 10 best computerized sewing machines.

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