What Is Dual Feed On A Sewing Machine – Best Beginner Guide

Fabric feeding isn’t a topic we frequently think about. However, it’s crucial to the outcome of your sew-in projects. A poor feed of the fabric could result in poor fitting garments, mismatched patterns, and misaligned projects.

Dual feed on specific BERNINA models may aid. Dual feeds function by shifting the top fabric, while the lower material moves by the feeder dog. 

Who allows for moving and shifting among the different layers of the fabric or the batting. Although they share similar goals, their objectives are different and result in slightly different outcomes.

Dual feed options are numerous and can blow your mind. However, it is well-known that the dual feed foot is essential for some projects.

Some sewing machines, however, use the dual-feed function to the next level. For example, many Pfaff sewing machines and certain Bernina’s come with dual feed built-in, which you can utilize in conjunction with any of the feet included.

Utilizing dual feeds in various scenarios helps make your quilting more precise and your quilts appear more professional.

Utilizing a dual-feed presser foot to blend plaids is an excellent method to understand the advantages of a dual feed foot for pressing.

Unfortunately, the fabric pieces change, and one feeds a bit faster than the other, which causes the plaids to be slightly off. The issue is that even when the plaids match almost perfectly, the garment has a “homemade” look to it.

Benefits Of Using Dual Feed In A Sewing Machine

benefits of using dual feed in a sewing machine
  • Stitching the plaid using Reverse Pattern Foot is a different matter. The two layers are joined to create the result of perfectly matched plaid fabric.
  • This Dual Feed function impacts the top layer, and the feed dog is responsible for the flow of the bottom layer.
  • The dual feed comes with a separate motor; therefore, the top fabric, typically behind, can keep pace with the lower material.
  • A dual feed can be used to stitch precisely and match plaids and sewing techniques that require it to be evenly fed when placed beneath the foot.

Different Dual Feeds Work Best For You

different dual feeds work best for you

Nine presser feet are made available as Dual Feed feet. Each of them works in conjunction with the Dual Feed function of particular BERNINA models. They are some that come with the machine, while others are an optional accessory.

I have all of these Dual Feed presser feet with my B790 PLUS. They are compatible with all BERNINA models with the Dual Feed feature.

Reverse Pattern foot: Reverse Pattern foot is a versatile foot that works excellent to feed-forward and for multi-motion stitches.

Zipper Foot: Zipper Foot allows you to stitch directly next to zip coils. It requires using a left or upper left.

Jeans Foot: Jeans Foot is a straight stitch foot that focuses the power of the needle to allow for more significant perforation through heavy layers.

Edgestitch Foot: Edgestitch Foot has a guide to ensure that the stitch is straight across an edge or seam, ideal for stitching in the ditch.

Zipper Foot: Zipper Foot with Guide has an adjustable guide that can adjust to make evenly spaced laps when sewing zippers.

Open Embroidery Foot: Open Embroidery Foot is designed for 9-millimeter decorative stitching. It is similar to Embroidery Foot 6; however, it is a bit larger and has the front cut-off for more visibility of the stitches.

Clear Foot: Clear Foot is like the Reverse Pattern Foot #1/1C/1D. However, it is equipped with a clear sole to provide better stitch visibility.

Non-stick Zigzag Foot: Non-stick Zigzag Foot features a special coating over the sole that allows it to slide over leather, plastic, or different “sticky” fabrics.

Patchwork Foot: Patchwork Foot with Guide is designed to fit the feed teeth in BERNINA models with a maximum of 9.0mm of width. The guide is also attached to the mattress of the sewing machine and is included with the foot.

Final blender: What Is Dual Feed On A Sewing Machine

What’s now? You know the best usage of dual feed feet in a sewing machine. If you want to make a great finished sewing project, then go with your one.

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